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Author Topic: Couple of Players bats  (Read 4579 times)

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Re: Couple of Players bats
« Reply #135 on: May 18, 2020, 08:08:06 AM »

I play half a dozen old boys games these days, not taking it too seriously so most dont have much gear. I take a bag full of repaired pros bats which have been replaced with new ones. The bats are sometimes gone through the back and always cracking in the face. Some just fit through the gauge (MCC believes size is the only reason these bats are so good!), some arent so huge. My team mates are awestruck by how well they are hitting the ball, if they can see it! Opposition are always asking if they can buy second hand bats off me because they think we are cheating even when we lose (?) We have plenty of these clefts available. Question is how many of you would purchase new knowing the bat will probably not last many seasons and will require constant repair and maintenance?

So you are saying that these old pros bats perform better than normal bats. Can you tell the difference by looking at them or weighing them? Are they different profile, lighter weight, or just much better ping off the bat face because of the cleft and pressing?
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