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Author Topic: Scott Cricket Bat  (Read 2011 times)

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Re: Scott Cricket Bat
« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2021, 11:40:53 PM »

Hope you don't mind me posting on this thread and an apology to @jonny77 its taken me so long to post.

Over recent years due to other commitments I've reduced my bat collection as I just don't play that much. Having looked around at buying a second bat and being really keen to try and source a full profile such as the GM epic or trott profiles I just couldn't stretch to have one knocked up by the likes of B3 I posted on the forum to see who could knock something up reasonably full. I was lucky enough to receive a few options of both second hand but also John at redink, Jonny, Soulman and Leachy all reached out. It transpires my work base is 5 minutes from Jonny, so went for the local Yorkshire option (I'm sure all the guys would make a fantastic bat and it's great to see the recent posts). Seeing one of Jonnys posts of something he'd made up that took my likely based on the similar profile / weight to my other bat I took the plunge.

I've attached a few photos vs my addidas bat (this was one of Sean Ervines). The Scott bat is 2.10ish with a thicker handle vs the addidas at 2.11. Pleasure dealing with Jonny and looking forward to having a hit in the coming months.

Thanks mate, pleasure meeting you and glad you're happy with the bat. Was a lovely stick this one and loads of wood in it.

I should just add it was collected before this lockdown and a socially distanced handover was undertaken! 😆
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