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Author Topic: Tim Paine using Stretton Fox  (Read 2716 times)

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Re: Tim Paine using Stretton Fox
« Reply #60 on: January 05, 2021, 09:25:18 PM »

.......bowlers, umpires and close fielders are in a lot more danger in my experience....

I'm inclined to agree with this. I see far more injuries to fielders than batsmen. Im not sure if this is because of the batsman's equipment or despite it.  Maybe you concentrate more when you know the ball is definitely coming your way each delivery.

Personally I've never been struck on the head batting but I wear a lid now because it gives me confidence knowing that, if I am, I will probably get away with just a bit of a scare. Also, the idea of going out to bat without a lid and then finding their random 3rd change bowler is seriously rapid and seriously wayward in direction is rather terrifying!

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