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Author Topic: who makes joe root bats currently?  (Read 1606 times)

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Re: who makes joe root bats currently?
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Im not one to believe in the 2lb 13 but picks up 2lb 9 rubbish. Maybe it does pick up at that weight, but its scale weight is still 2lb 13 and unless you are comfortable batting long periods with that extra weight, you will notice it.

Well said. Most people go to a store / bat maker well rested and fresh. Heavy bats will feel ok, but after 50 overs of fielding, or in a long innings, it can be a totally different story. Thats why its important to have an idea of what weight you usually use, and not deviate from it.

Also feel that we should go a few ounces lighter than the pros, as they are much stronger and fitter. If Ben Stokes is using 2lb 9oz, I should be using 2lb 5!!
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